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Drapeau français

 Sylvie Tual

         Artist - Samouraï


My paintings are mile-stones.  Those landmarks, posted in times of peace, punctuating patches of land, where, the rest of the time, paths are trodden and crossings passed. These pictures are the treasures of my conquest.

These framed images contain and organize, the precious elements that enable me to advance.  For example they contain the birth of an idea, a newly visited feeling, or the concretization of a thought process.  I find myself faced with a dead-end or a new departure.  An end of the world.  Turn around or wait some more: another way of finding one’s way.  This evidence sums me up.

The paintwork, explorer of my depths, comes back up and drops, to the surface of the canevas, a meaning. A reality is now playing in new colored fields, outdoors.

When they show me the way, these mile-stones are ‘pre-meditations’.  Waiting for the right time.  15 days.  3 months.  More perhaps.  During this period an enigma either sleeps or unravels itself.  Time is the ally. As for me, I return to the path of combat, of transformation, of rearrangement.  Then, one day, the revelation comes, in all innocence, an unfolding, an occurrence.  The narration can begin.  The fun starts.  Tighten.  Unleash tensions.  Experiment.  Hem in.  Allow to emerge.  But above all, render the metaphors legible, naturally.

To follow, this is my professional route


He who travels, arrives.

There was a moment where the stage on which I was teaching and thus acting, became too narrow.  At that time, I was seeing the countryside, visiting Europe, Africa, Normandy and the United States.  But I needed adventure to impregnate my work.  This time, my travels took me to Paris.

My original training in haute couture enabled me to penetrate into the world of theatre through costume making : installing forms and colours that would be later animated by actors, light engineers, stage decorators and Directors. 
Then, I took a new decision at the exorbitant price of leaving behind the heavy but luxurious confort of the red velvet and the suspended domes :
I chose in its place, to be the author-composer-interpretor-technician of each of my own creations.  To really grasp the reins.  I might as well do it.  As I like doing it.  And what I want to do is : PAINT.
Here begins the immobile voyage : we are in 1993

To follow, these are the events occuring during this period




2016 : Exhibition of some of my painting for the France 2 T.V broadcast set " Thé ou café" with the guest Amélie Nothomb

2014 : June Presentation of the book I engraved to illustrate a poem from Apollinaire "Le chant de l'honneur". There are 13 engravings made with the technic of carborundum. I realised it at printmaking workshop Pasnic - Paris 75020

2014 : June group exhibition " 1/4 of hour before the end of a world" or : What does lead up to a catastroph? 14 painters answer. I do it with Pat Andrea, Michel Pelloille, Ody Saban, Abrahm Galerie Routes -Paris 75006

2014 : Group exhibition "Papers"in synchronicity with parisians shows devoted to drawings in April-May. With Matta, Messagier, Coppel, Degottex, Debré...à la Galerie Routes - 75006 Paris -

2013 : Opening the file over the "Sensitive Abstrct" : one of the 8 tribes drawn by the the contemporary art revue revue Artension on the special issue Artension n° 12

2013 : PERSONNAL EXHIBITION " Sylvie Tual plays Gainsborough " at Galerie "Routes" - Find the Catalog - Paris 75006

2013 : "Salon des Réalités Nouvelles outsitde the walls" at Belgrade, Serbi - then, Salon des Réalités Nouvelles - Paris

2013 : Second édition of La Foire d’Art Actuel Art 0’CLOCK for la Galerie Routes - Paris la Défense

2013 : Exhibition of some of my painting for the France 2 T.V broadcast set " Thé ou café" with the guest Marina Vlady.

2013 : Salon "Les Réalités Nouvelles" outside the wallls at Belgrade, Serbia

Autumn 2012 : Salon "Les Réalités Nouvelles" outside the wallls : 38800 Pont de Claix

July 2012 : "Squares", group exhibition at Galerie "Routes" - 53 rue de Seine - Paris 75006

Juin 2012 : I Participate to a gripping file about Abstraction Today, written by Françoise Monnin. It is to read in #114 of the contemporary art revue revue Artension. See an extract

Nov 2011 : Franco-Corean group exhibition about Landscape at Galerie 89 - Paris 75012 -in the catalogue édited on that occasion, read the Iléana Cornea's article

2011 : Critic's Prize of the contemporary art magazine " ARTENTION ", read the article

2011 : Exhibition of 15 of my works for the France 2 T.V broadcast set of " Thé ou café " with the guest D.Thomson.

2010 : The group Meeshaert publishes a book where 2 of my works illustrate their collection;Our collaborat on continues fortunately

2009 : Exhibition "feminine - plural" at the Gallery Aréa in echo of the "elles@beaubourg"'s hanging

2009 : Critics' Prize of the conteporary art magazine " AREA-revue - Read the article

2008 : Personnal exhibition  at  « La Chaudière »

2006 :  Personal exhibition at ‘collectif125’ - 125, Boulevard St Germain-Paris 75006                       

2005 : First acquisition of a work by the group Meeschaert

2005 : Collective exhibition at l’ Espace Commines by la Fondation Florence - Paris 75003                         

2003 -2009 :  Development of my own workshop / exhibition / sale of work

1998 - 2013 : Salon des Réalités Nouvelles : Salon of Contemporary Art for which I received the « Prix Marin » in 2000

2003 : Salon  Art-Paris at Carrousel du Louvre - Paris 75001

2003 : Galerie Courant d’Art - Paris 75003 -Collective exhibition

2003: Winner for the prize organised by ‘Club Med’ - Creation of original pieces for the autumn/winter catalogue 2003 - 2004  - international distribution - Sale of the copyrights for use of my paintings of the ‘club med’ - Buying of the pieces of the private collection of the ‘club med’ - See the cover of the catalog

                       2002 : Galerie Courant d'Ar t - Paris 75003 - Group exhibition

2001 : Galerie Christine Colas - Paris 75003 - Private exhibition

2001 : Unesco Art Galery - I was integrated into their collection, appearing with the artists H. Hodgkin, A. Irvin, etc...

2000 : Galerie de l'Atelier-Paris 75018 - Private exhbition and workshop activity at the venue

1999 : I meet Albert Irvin et John Hoyland and I collaborate with the working group of these English artists and french ones